Star Made Web Manager for Symfony 2.8 version 1.0

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Star Made Web Manager for Symfony 2.8 version 1.0

Post autor: waski35 » pt lis 03, 2017 4:04 am

This is all-in-one package in form of zip-file that contains Star Made Web Manager by waski35 , which is Web Admin tool for Starmade Dediated server, for Symfony 2.8 Framework,
and all its dependencies, which include :
- Symfony 2.8 Framework Standard Edition,
- StartBostrap Admin Menu 2, and all its dependncies
- Waldo Datatables Bundle for Symfony 2.8
- Datatables js script and all its dependencies

For information about dependencies respective authors, their licenses, and copyright info, look inside each package included in this package.

More on this project can be found here :

All you should do is to copy contents of this archive to your /var/www/starmadewebmanager directory and set-up virtual host on apache that points to /var/www/starmadewebmanager/web directory.
Remember to set-up apache 2.4, PHP 5.5 to 7.0, MySql, and domsider's shadow prerequisites, as mentioned in this project's readme.
Remember to change default admin password by editing security.yml file, and to set proper path to domsider shadow executable, also remember to put proper database connection details into parameters.yml file, so SMWM can connect to doomsiders shadow database. To interact with Starmade Dedicated server SMWM has to be executed by Apache web server as the same user as starmade and doomsider's shadow are working. apache2-mpm-itk module is required for this to work.

Tested on Debian/Ubuntu (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, 16.04. LTS).

License : GNU GPL 2

Download link ...
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