Server Mainetance - 28 August 2016

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Server Mainetance - 28 August 2016

Post autor: waski35 » ndz sie 28, 2016 11:42 pm

After 3 and a half of hour mainetence break we are back on - line.

This mainetance period was schedeuled for switching machines serving our community. Server returned to stronger machine, after 3 months of beeing hosted in French DC. This time was needed for changing broken parts in server hardware, diagnosing it again if its working OK. We have been waiting for ordered parts some time, then mainetance period was schedeuled for end of this weekend, night hours. Everything went smoothly as it should.

Of course saved game world, database, and player assets, voted points etc. were backed up, and moved with server software too. I would like to remind that on server is running automated backup every 12 hours now, and automated server restarts every 6 hours, to keep gameplay healthy.

Current server hardware is 4 core 3.0 Ghz CPU and 6 GB of RAM. Disk space is not a problem, we can push as much as its needed, in reasonable fashion. Current disk usage is low given its abilities.
Return to main server machine also gives performance boost, comparing to backup machine where is was hosted for 3 months.

See soon in starmade :)
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