Starmade Serwer Game Settings

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Starmade Serwer Game Settings

Post autor: waski35 » pn gru 07, 2015 2:28 am

Server gameplay settings are described below :

- Credits for new player : 6 mln,
- medium fighter for starters,
- modded prices (5 times lower block prices),
- Prices of blocks substantial for ship and station building are 5 - 6 lower than stock settings, which means that each bought ship is 4 -5 times cheaper than usual,
- Player can upload their own blueprints,
- Ships and stations are spawnable from blue print anywhere; blueprints are available from catalog,
- Each uploaded ship / station blueprint costs 4 - 5 times less than usual,
- Some by products prices are upped a couple of times to ease making money,
- default (0,0,0) system is allways owned by admin faction,
- sector (2,2,2) is default spawn sector for new players, and in consequence its safe sector - AI doesnt attack there, other player also shouldn't :D
- theres AI enabled on this server,
- max ship speed 150 m/s,
- base station cost 100k + costs of rebuild or build blocks,
- base shop credits 1mln + restocking + refresh 100k,
- many shops,
- server is for up to 30 players, size of database isnt a problem,
- You can upload skins and awatars,
- server is meant for mature players,
- we value good roleplay,
- max ship block count 220k blocks,
- sector size 6000,
- server supports both new and old docking system,
- theres no ship size / mass limit for old docking system at this server,
- collision damage is switched off,
- neutral system mining bonus is 8x, own system mining bonus even more,
- voting benefits
- bank account,
- for other commands type in chat "!help"
- automated server restarts every 4 hours,
- automated universe backup every 6 hours,
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