Starmade Multiplayer Server Terms of Service

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Starmade Multiplayer Server Terms of Service

Post autor: waski35 » pn gru 07, 2015 2:30 am

[PL] StarMade Serwer ( Terms of Service

I. Acknowledgements.

0. This Service is governed by law of Republic of Poland.

1. Any User of this service declares that he/she accepts this Terms Of Service, and he/she read its terms.

2. Service governed by this Terms of Service is free.

3. Service is managed by We hereby declare that we can not be held responsible for content posted, tramsmitted, made available to public in this Service by other parties, users and not by our own.

4. Personal data submitted to Service will not be shared to third parties, except actions permitted by law, by legal authorities.

II.Actions forbidden.

1. Users of this Service can NOT :

a) post, submit content that is by any means : racist, discriminatory, allowed only for adults, offending, rude, beeing offensive language;

b) post SPAM, spam server with pointless, ofensive content;

c) cause service to be unavailable, break into its admin interfaces, gain unauthorised privilidges, break server security, hack, gain unauthorised advantage over other players;

d) ...;

e) attack and destroy content of other players, whlie they are logged off, and their content is not protected by other faction members;

f) post, submit content illegal in Republic of Poland;

g) promote computer piracy, direct to content that infringes copyright;

h) disturb other players, request credits, bonuses, other valuable resources from players / admins;

2. In case of violating Terms of Service, Admins can, and should do following.

III. Actions permitted in case of violating Terms of Service

1. If User violates Terms of Service in part II pt 1 let. a), b), e), f), g) User should be warned; If warning does not effect in changing User behaviour User will be banned by IP, account, login, and any other available data.

2. If User violates Terms Of Service in part II pt 1 let. c) i d) i h) User is permanently and irrevocably blocked by IP, account, login and any other available data.
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